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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 1 of Documenting My Journey to Third Degree Black Belt

There are many things for me to achieve on this path to my Third Degree Black Belt. I have some special challenges. I have conquered some major things. During my off time Mr. Rick Iannuzzo (!/pages/Iannuzzos-Black-Belt-Academy/241807683831?ref=ts ) created a whole new system of Katas. I have had to learn all new kyu rank Katas. I have accomplished that. I have also had to learn several new 1st degree Black Belt level Katas. I am finishing that now. However the extra challenge here is learning two nunchaku Katas. I have never worked with this weapon before. The foot work and Kata pattern I have down. It is the weapon handling I need to work on. I have been doing that just about every day now and have come a long way but also have a long way to go. I have the two-man bo form down again. I had that before I just needed refreshing with that Kata. Conditioning has come a long way with the help from the TRANSformation coach ( ). I am now way ahead on that goal. Weight has some work to be achieved yet. I am down about 15lbs but off from my goal to lose 30lbs from January to March. I once again reviewed and revamped my nutrition plan. From what I see so far what I need to do is some more calorie restriction.

Next step is to learn the Third Degree Katas. Some of the old Katas I know have been moved up to Third degree. 40 beats is a Kata I have been doing now for 20 years so that is taken care of. I do need to learn another bo form a Chinese sword form, and one more empty hand form. There is talk of me skipping some of that since I know far more Katas than other students. But I would rather not take that path.

Had to take a day off today from working out. I had to leave work early to take my wife to a doctor appointment that then turned to an X-Ray appointment. I went back to work and then had my own Doctor appointment that was already scheduled. I returned home planning on going to the Dojo for Kata class. Then had a call from my Father saying that my Mother was having a bad nose bleed. I am kind of an expert in nose bleeds; I wonder where I learned that skill? All was well but I had missed Kata class at that point. So tomorrow I will be there for Black Belt Kata class and stay and do a run and hit the red/black red belt Kata class for review. Check in tomorrow for how that all works out for me. Keep on Kick’n. If I can do this anyone can. No one is ever too old!

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