My stories as I remember them during my journey in the Martial Arts

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Move More! Third Degree Journey 4/14/10

Today was a great day at the Dojo. I had some great sparring matches. I also had some matches where I did some coaching of novice students. It is so great to see the enthusiasm of people who are trying something new. I remember when I had some matches with Black Belts when I was coming up. I was always so scared! I now try to make people who have their first sparring class feel at ease. I think that is why the instructors usually have me work with people in their first few sparring classes. We did some great cal at the end of class too.

I also bought a bicycle today. I am going to use it for transportation to and from work. I will have a great workout. I will also save gas money, and help the environment. I would recommend this for anybody than can feasibly do it.

Create Your Own Personal Health Care Reform. Move More!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Failure Is Not Really Failure The Third Degree Journey 4/13/10

I Went to Black Belt Kata class today and made some great progress with the nunchucks. Thank you Mr. Nikko Iannuzzo. Learned that I need to spend some time on a bo Kata called BBC bo(Black Belt Club bo Kata). The BBC Kata is new for me but is a Kyu rank Kata in the new system. I have it down except that I am doing reverse butterflies where it should be just butterflies. Old habits die hard. Two man bo Kata went well I think I have shaken the rust off that one finally. Class was a great workout too. There was no running after class today. I will hit that up the next time there is one. I am still kick’n and heading in the right direction to Third Degree Black Belt. If this 50 year old 2nd Degree Black Belt can do this anyone can!

Failure is not really failure if you consider it a lesson - with this outlook forward movement will be your only movement.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Forget the Health Care Reform In the News Create Your Own Personal Health Care Reform

Create your own personal health care reform. Exercise, create good nutrition habits, and use preventative medical advice. As we all take on healthy habits and become healthier people costs will decrease, insurance premiums will go down, problem solved!

Day 1 of Documenting My Journey to Third Degree Black Belt

There are many things for me to achieve on this path to my Third Degree Black Belt. I have some special challenges. I have conquered some major things. During my off time Mr. Rick Iannuzzo (!/pages/Iannuzzos-Black-Belt-Academy/241807683831?ref=ts ) created a whole new system of Katas. I have had to learn all new kyu rank Katas. I have accomplished that. I have also had to learn several new 1st degree Black Belt level Katas. I am finishing that now. However the extra challenge here is learning two nunchaku Katas. I have never worked with this weapon before. The foot work and Kata pattern I have down. It is the weapon handling I need to work on. I have been doing that just about every day now and have come a long way but also have a long way to go. I have the two-man bo form down again. I had that before I just needed refreshing with that Kata. Conditioning has come a long way with the help from the TRANSformation coach ( ). I am now way ahead on that goal. Weight has some work to be achieved yet. I am down about 15lbs but off from my goal to lose 30lbs from January to March. I once again reviewed and revamped my nutrition plan. From what I see so far what I need to do is some more calorie restriction.

Next step is to learn the Third Degree Katas. Some of the old Katas I know have been moved up to Third degree. 40 beats is a Kata I have been doing now for 20 years so that is taken care of. I do need to learn another bo form a Chinese sword form, and one more empty hand form. There is talk of me skipping some of that since I know far more Katas than other students. But I would rather not take that path.

Had to take a day off today from working out. I had to leave work early to take my wife to a doctor appointment that then turned to an X-Ray appointment. I went back to work and then had my own Doctor appointment that was already scheduled. I returned home planning on going to the Dojo for Kata class. Then had a call from my Father saying that my Mother was having a bad nose bleed. I am kind of an expert in nose bleeds; I wonder where I learned that skill? All was well but I had missed Kata class at that point. So tomorrow I will be there for Black Belt Kata class and stay and do a run and hit the red/black red belt Kata class for review. Check in tomorrow for how that all works out for me. Keep on Kick’n. If I can do this anyone can. No one is ever too old!

Do It Now

If you have something in life you want to accomplish go for it now! If you have something of yourself you want to give to the world go for it now! If there is a life you want to live go for it now! This is life there is no dress rehearsal, so do it now!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Watch My New Journey

I will be documenting my journey to 3rd degree Black Belt on this blog. If you are in my age group (50’s) consider following my blog. I will provide an example to all that we are never to old. If you have ever considered getting involved in the Martial Arts and thought you were to old to start, keep an eye on me. You will learn it is never too late to get started and get motivated. The benefits you gain from the Martial Arts can change your life!

The Fuel for Success is Attitude

Success and a positive attitude almost never come separately. The connection between them cannot be broken. Negativity and failure often times are connected too. When striving to succeed a positive attitude is like a laser pointed at your goal. Positive self talk is the food for that attitude. Positive internal talk creates the platform for progress. When those negative thoughts try to creep in, that is the time to focus on the goal, re-fire that desire, and examine the path to the goal. Negative thoughts can easily distort the path and lead away from the goal. Just as positive self talk is food for a positive attitude negative self talk will be the poison. Not always will a positive attitude bring success, but a negative attitude will always bring failure. A positive attitude will always bring about a success from a failure that is something a negative attitude can never do.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is one of the most important aspects of having and maintaining an outlook of success. Having an inner circle of great friends with awesome attitudes becomes contagious. The energy of awesome attitudes multiplies and grows. Surrounding yourself with people intent on complaining rather than doing can derail positive thoughts. Having your inner circle full of people with half full cups is the key to your own success. It is important to have friends that encourage you to achieve excellence. Individuals with half empty cups see challenge as a reason to not to take on a task. It is easy to avoid challenge, but easy seldom brings reward. Hard work brings reward. Hard work, however, becomes drudgery when coupled to a poor attitude.

Positive outlooks will keep the reward of the task a conscience and integrated part of a challenging endeavor. Challenges and difficult tasks become fun and energizing when the end reward and ultimate goal are kept in sight. Running is a great example of a difficult task. Running for conditioning can literally become an exercise in drudgery. Running with the frame of mind that sparring, Katas, basics, and calisthenics will all improve from the conditioning provided by consistent running, energizes and motivates a desire to gain that reward. Tasks and challenges that need to be completed or overcome to reach a goal become the fuel to move you forward when approached with a champion’s attitude.

A champion’s attitude is positive, energetic, driven, and filled with enthusiasm. Every obstacle and challenge is approached as something that will be conquered. Writing down and setting goals is essential to champions. However, without the proper attitude goals can easily be set aside, put away to gather dust and will become distant dreams that never materialize. Attitude creates champions and gives them the power and fuel to reach goals. Setting goals without a winning mindset is like driving a car on an empty gas tank. Without attitude fuel in your tank the trip to success will see you stuck on the side of road.

Don’t get stuck. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, take on a winning mindset, and then achievement will come. Champions win with attitude more often than skill alone. The belief in success is the fire of desire. Believe to achieve. Create your success and reach your goals by believing you can. Greatness in achievement comes from greatness in attitude.

Martial Artists, and most importantly Black Belts, should always display a positive attitude. We want to be proud of our Art. We want others who meet us to see that the Martial Arts do more than teach people how to kick and punch. A Martial Artist wants to be the person that lights up the room when they come and show the world that we not only mastered the physical art but that we have become or are becoming Black Belts and masters of our attitude. Our cups should always be half full and not half empty. Be the person who stands out as the one always lighting and keeping the fire of desire going.